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  Bro. Dr.Joel has been living in Pondicherry, South India since birth and has done research on  Bible Prophecies for the past 25 years. Bro.Dr. Joel  is chosen by God as an evangelist and as an end time prophet to guide and reveal the future of the nations to the people. The books of Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation in the Bible contain hundreds of Prophecies that speak about wars, famines, earthquakes, pestilences, economic crashes and upheavals in the universe to take place in the Last Generation. A number of news reports confirm that we are that generation  living in the world today !

 Some Prophecies in the Bible have already been fulfilled. But many have not! A large number of people including theologians have wrongly interpreted the mysterious Bible Prophecies in their own style. But having looked into the media reports and the conspiracy towards ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT SYSTEM, Bro. Dr. Joel is convinced that our generation is the right one where series of events are going to take place as they were in the days of Noah.

  Lord Jesus Christ said, " Behold I am coming quickly ! Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book " - Rev. 22 : 7. Therefore Watch and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man (Jesus) - Matth.21 : 36 .

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   In Future, these are the important events you can expect to get fulfilled in India and in other nations step by step starting from the year 2013 onwards  based on the Bible Prophecies and  based on the revelations given to Bro. Dr. Joel by the Lord. The Bible prophecies are given in brackets so that you can understand where India and the  world is leading us to! The Bible never accepts date-setting for any events to take place (Matth.24 : 36). Even Lord Jesus Christ never set dates for the signs of His Coming. He only asked His Children to WATCH, WATCH AND WATCH (Luke 21 : 36). But He indeed gave an important sign that people will not understand or recognize what is going in the world until the events took place according to Matth. 24 : 37-39 .

" But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man (Jesus) be. For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and did not know until the flood came and took them all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man (Jesus) be".

Our generation living today is exactly the days of Noah !



1. Politicians of different backgrounds will come and work together as never before to do good for the people and for their nations.

2. Unity spirit amongst people of different religious backgrounds will arise in different corners of the globe for many just causes.

3. People will have  great thirst to identify their Creator - (Acts 17: 30, 31). And the Gospel will be preached to all nations, particularly through media despite resistance - (Matth.24:14). 

4. There will be great joy and peace amongst the children of God who look unto Lord Jesus Christ - (John 14: 27, Philippians 4:4).

5. States and countries will work out plans for sharing river water for farming and to quench the thirst. Some will be implemented successfully.

6. There will be wealth and prosperity for many including businessmen in India and across the nations. 

7. India's relationship with China will increase surprising United States of America. India will see a tough Prime Minister who will take decisions on his own.

8. India will be a dominant force in Asia but will not overcome China in many leading fronts.




1.  Global economy will face difficult challenges ahead and will crash - ( James 5 : 1-3)

2.  Corruption will increase at all levels including the judiciary all over the world - (2 Peter 2 : 19, Galatians 6 :8)

3.  Freedom of expression will go off and a control system will emerge in all sectors  including the media.

4. Today Man runs here and there by two wheelers, cars, airplanes and ships. In future  tensions and traffic jams will increase - (Daniel 12 : 4).

5.  Man rules the world today because of increase in knowledge( Daniel 12 : 4). But in future Computers and robots will rule man. In other words technology will bring human into a trap and people cannot escape from it - ( Luke 21 : 35 ).

6.  There will be tremendous pressure to change laws in the judiciary system all over the world including India as threats will increase because of evil money powers.

7.  Religious extremism will increase dividing communities and countries, and calling them for fights and wars - ( I Thessalonians 5 : 3 ). Bible and its literatures will be destroyed step by step all over the world that will ultimately end up in great famine for the Word of God- ( Amos 8:11,12 ).

8.  Many will proclaim that  they are god and cheat the people - ( Matthew 24 : 3-5, 23- 26 ). The Pope will play a major role in creating controversies which will shake the faith of the church on Lord Jesus Christ

- (II Thess.2:1-3; Rev.17)

9.  Suicides will increase as farmers and poor people will not be able to cope up with inflation and debt traps.

10. There will be a great famine and water thirst in India such as never happened before .

11. Terrorism will increase in all over the world creating shock waves and calling for “Big Brother” to watch your every move. Also terrorists in Pakistan will control nuclear plants creating panic in India.

12. Lust; power ; selfishness; violence; sex and money will be the people’s mind set and will continue to explode in all sectors of the globe as in the days of Noah - (2 Timothy. 3 : 1-5, Matthew 24 : 37-39 ).

13. Law and order situation in the states and nations will decline calling for ‘Dictatorship Rule’.

14. “Trusting each other” and “Family Relationships” will come down to a great extent. Children will disobey and not show any love and respect  to their parents - ( 2 Timothy 3 : 1-5 ).

15. Unexpected fights and commotions between states and nations  will become more common because of water crisis .

16. There will be more epidemics; famines; earthquakes; tsunamis; cyclones; tornadoes; volcanic eruptions which will create panic and cause adverse effects in the economy of the nations - ( Luke 21 : 9-11, 25, 26 ). Many people will die because of these.

17.  Water gets polluted in rivers and seas, and many fishes will die - (Revelation 8 : 8 - 11).

18. Unemployment will increase.

19. The future of youths and children will become questionable as series of crisis will emerge in all nations.

20. Dollar will crash asking world leaders to call for an emergency meeting.

21. USA will lose the power to be the “Leader” of the globe.

22. European Union will become “The New World Superpower” of the globe. Ten nations of the European Union will be of One Mind and will surrender their powers to the Coming One World Dictator - (Revelation 17 : 12, 13 ).

23. A New Currency System (Cashless human 666 Chip Implants) approved by the European Union will replace the dollar and other cash as the New Global Currency in World trade. This move will divide the world and will trigger World War 3.

24. More powers will be given to the UNO for a New Global Order.

25. More powers will be given to the World Bank and the IMF as nations will fall into a debt-trap.

26. India will also fall into the trap !

27. There will be a Palestine State and an Israel State side by side .

28.Jerusalem will be the stumbling block for both Palestine - Israel and to all surrounding it -( Zechariah 12 : 2 )

29. Jerusalem will become the Center for World War 3 - ( Zechariah 14 : 2 )

30. The Jews will prepare themselves to build their Jewish temple at Mount Moriah, Jerusalem - ( Revelation 11 : 1, 2 )

31.  The US along with Britain will wage war with Iran triggering a Middle East Crisis. Russia and China will support Iran  and USA will support Israel .- (Ezekiel 38 : 1-9 ).

32. Oil will be used as a weapon to control man and his livelihood. Oil prices will rise sky high creating inflation and panic amongst the nations.

33. Emergency will be declared as Middle East Crisis will call for a Global crisis. Food prices will rise up -

( Revelation 6 : 5, 6 )

34. The Europeans and the US will support the Jews to rebuild their long awaited Jewish temple on Mount Moriah . Many Jews from all over the world will visit this place - ( Rev.11: 1, 2 ; Eze. 36 : 24).

35. Millions of born again christians will suddenly disappear from the whole world creating total confusion on earth - (I Corinthians 15 : 51, 52 ; I Thessalonians 4 : 16 - 17 ; Matthew 24 : 40, 41)

(This event usually called "Rapture" by some theologians can occur anytime from today or during a crisis situation or during an unexpected situation just as in the days of Noah. Only God Almighty decides the correct date and time for this spectacular event to take place! )

36. Rumors will spread that UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) from a different space have kidnapped the missing millions of people .

37. Chip like implantation with secret No : 666 will be used by the governments of different nations to stop people from being kidnapped either in the globe or in space so that those people can be tracked - (Revelation 13 : 18 ).

38. A  New  World Leader called "Antichrist " by Christians will emerge from the “European Union” as  False Messiah to revive the global economy and will call for A NEW WORLD ORDER . This European leader will be constantly assisted by a False Prophet cheating the people - (Revelation 13 : 1-8, 11-14).

39. Leaders of the nations will find it difficult to solve various important problems as they rise up like huge mountains. Hence they will request the New World Leader or Antichrist for help.

40. The New World Leader or the Antichrist will come from a Jewish background. He will be more concerned with the people of the Middle East , particularly Israel .

41. The Antichrist will solve various problems with his super intelligence and revive the Global Economy. People will worship the World Leader (Antichrist) as God and spread his news - (Revelation 13 : 3-8 ).

42.  The Antichrist will bring peace treaty in the Middle East including Israel and will rule the world for 7 years - (Daniel 9 : 27). He will create an impression that he is the messiah of the world.

43. The World Leader or Antichrist will proclaim himself God and will blaspheme Lord Jesus Christ and all that people worship as gods - (Revelation 13 : 5, 6, 12 ; Daniel 11: 36, 37)

44. The World Leader will ask the nations of different governments to receive his mark or his name or his number implanted either in/on the right hand or in/upon the forehead which is associated with the No : 666 and which is readable by computers. The device could probably be a chip/ electronic device that can be read through scanners- ( Revelation 13 : 16-18; 20 : 4 ).

45. Two great God's Prophets Elijah and Enoch will rise in Israel to reveal the TRUE LIGHT to the world  -

( Revelation 11: 3, 4 ; Zechariah 4 : 11-14).

46. These two God's Prophets will have tremendous power to open and shut the heavens over the nations -

( Revelation 11 : 3 - 6 ).

47. The two God's prophets will denounce the World Leader (Antichrist), command people not to receive his mark or his name or anything associated with his number 666 either on/in the forehead or on/in the right hand as they are that of the devil .

48. The two great prophets will proclaim that Lord Jesus Christ is the True Messiah and that only through Him people can be saved .

49. Global Media attention will be focused on the World Leader (Antichrist) on one hand and the Two Prophets in Jerusalem on the other hand.

50.  Almost in the middle of 3 and a half years rule, the World Leader (Antichrist) from European Union will visit Israel with his army and will kill those two God’s Prophets - ( Daniel 9 : 27, 11 : 41, Revelation 11 : 7 ).

51.  The World Leader will make Jerusalem as  the capital of Israel and also as World Capital - ( Daniel 11 : 45 ).

52.  The bodies of the two Great Prophets will lie for 3 and a half days in the street of Jerusalem exactly on the place where Lord Jesus Christ was crucified. Many will rejoice and make merry over their deaths - ( Revelation 11 : 8 - 10 ).

53.  Suddenly after 3 and a half days breath of life will come upon them and they will ascend into heaven alive before the enemies - ( Revelation 11 : 11, 12 ).

54.  Global Media will be stunned and will broadcast these two great prophets around the world LIVE .

55.  Many Jews and the people of the world , particularly India,who have seen this event will accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior - ( Revelation 11 : 11 - 13, Romans 11 : 25, 26 ).

56.  The European World Leader or the Antichrist will be furious, destroy all worship in Jewish temple in Jerusalem and will become A DICTATOR  much worse than Adolf Hitler. He will control Egypt, Libya , Ethiopia  and will wage war with Russia and China which will turn out to be a WORLD WAR - ( Daniel 11 : 43, 44 ).

57.  The World Leader ( Antichrist ) will create a ROBOT like image that looks exactly like him in the Jewish temple to speak and ORDER global people to receive his mark or his name or his number . This preprogrammed evil robot  will also order those people who don't receive his mark or his name or his number to be killed

( Revelation 13 : 15 ; Daniel 9 : 27, 11 : 31; Matth.24 : 15)

58.  Many small and great, rich and poor, free and slave will accept his mark or his number or his name on/in their right hands or upon/in their foreheads. And God will judge those who has accepted his mark or his name or his number both on earth and in hell fire - ( Revelation 16 : 2, 14 : 9-11).

59.  Three angels of God will warn the people of the world not to worship the Antichrist as God . They will also command the people not to receive the Antichrist's name or his number or his mark - ( Revelation 14 : 6 - 11 ).

60.  Millions of people of all nations and tribes like the sand of the sea  will die accepting Lord Jesus Christ as Savior . India will stand as a light to the entire world. These precious souls are also the ones who have refused to accept the Antichrist's number or his mark or his name - ( Revelation 7 : 9 - 17 ).

61.  Antichrist's mark or name or number associated with 666  will become COMPULSORY for food, medicine, banking and in all purchasing (including the Ration shops or Public Distribution System - PDS). In other words no economy will run without this secret 666  number - (Revelation 13 : 16, 17, 18 ).

62.  Nations will rage and make war with the Antichrist. This will turn out to be the greatest of all wars since the birth of man - ( Matthew 24 : 21 , Zephaniah 1 : 14 - 17).

63.  Iran  and Oil rich nations in the Middle East  will come under Antichrist's total control.

64.  Because of the World Dictator there will be nuclear;  biological and chemical holocausts followed by great famine on several nations like the European Union, Russia, USA, China, India, Iran, Pakistan - (Revelation 6 : 1 - 8 ).

65.  God’s anger will be on every nation that wages war with Israel (Ezekiel 39: 1-6) as He will judge them by sending famines, hailstones and earthquakes -( Revelation 16 : 17 - 21). God's anger will also been on those who have received the mark, number or name of the dictator as He will judge them with sores which will ultimately kill them -

( Revelation 16 : 2 )

66. Russian Armies will be destroyed through God's anger and Israel will be saved - (Ezekiel 38 : 18-23,  39th chapter)

67.  Israel will bury the dead of the Russians in the Valley of the Passengers , East of the Dead Sea -

( Ezekiel 39 : 11-16).

68.  The powers of heaven will be shaken as comets or asteroids or meteorites will strike  the earth (Haggai    2 : 6, Revelation 8 : 8 - 11 ).

69. The heat from the sun will intensify tormenting human, and the Solar flares will affect the earth causing damages to human body, to communication system and ecosystem - ( Revelation 16 : 8, 9 ).

70. The world will be almost split into two as a great earthquake will strike the nations. This will be the greatest of all earthquakes since the birth of man -  ( Isaiah 24 : 17 - 20 ).

71. There will be signs in the heavens - ( Revelation 8 : 12 ). The sun will turn black; moon will turn into red, stars will fall and the sky will recede like a scroll - ( Revelation 6 : 12 - 17 , Matthew 24 : 29 - 31).

72.  The Antichrist will win many battles . Ultimately He will bring the world army that includes China to battle with Lord Jesus Christ in the Valley of Megiddo or Armageddon, Israel at the end of his 7th year rule -

( Revelation 16 : 12 - 16 ).

73.  At the end of  7 years , Lord Jesus Christ will appear in heaven to put an end to Antichrist regime as no one in the world will be able to control the dictator - ( Matthew 24 : 22 - 30 ) . The whole world will see Lord Jesus Christ face to face - ( Revelation 1 : 7, 8 ).

74.  The armies of the Antichrist will be defeated (II Thess. 2 : 8). The Antichrist and the false prophet will be captured and thrown into the Lake of Fire - ( Revelation 19 : 17 - 21 ).

75.  The Devil or Satan who has tormented the people in the world from the time of Adam and Eve will be locked in the bottomless pit by Archangel Michael for 1000 years - ( Revelation 20 : 1 - 3 ).

76.  Lord Jesus Christ will stand on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem , Israel - ( Zechariah 14 : 3, 4 ).

77. Lord Jesus Christ will cross through the Golden Gate or Eastern Gate of Jerusalem (Ezekiel 44 : 2) and sanctifies the Jewish temple on Mt. Moriah.

78.  Lord Jesus Christ will be on Mt. Zion and will make this mount  ( Ezekiel chapters 40 - 48 ) and Mt. Moriah as the most holy place in the world - ( Zechariah 2 : 10 - 12; 8 : 3 ).

79. There will be great mourning in the House of Israel as they see the pierced One - Lord Jesus Christ in glory -

( Zechariah 12 : 10 - 14 ).

80. 1000 years or millenium regime by Lord Jesus Christ and His saints will begin on earth -

(Revelation 20 : 4, Jude 14,15 ).

81. During these years Carnivorous animals will sleep with the Herbivorous animals side by side - 

( Isaiah 65:25 )

82.  People living on earth, particularly those who came against Jerusalem must go to Mt. Zion and Mt. Moriah and worship the Lord Jesus Christ year after year to get blessings from God - ( Zechariah 14 : 16 - 21 ).

83.  After 1000 years Satan will be released for a short period of time - ( Revelation 20 : 7, 8 ).

84.  The devil, the evil spirits and all evil men and women from the time of Adam and Eve will be judged by God Almighty and thrown into the Lake of Fire where they are tormented forever and ever - ( Revelation 20 : 10 - 15 ).

85.  Our Heaven and the Earth are destroyed through fire by God Almighty - ( 2 Peter 3 : 10 - 13 )

86.  New Heaven and New Earth are formed  - ( Isaiah 65 : 17 ; Revelation chapter 21 )

87. The Children of God live in this new place forever and ever . There will be no sorrow or pain in this place -

( Revelation 21: 22-27;  22 : 1 - 5 ).





1.  Disappearance of millions of people worldwide.

2.  The rebuilding of Jewish Temple on Mt. Moriah, Jerusalem.

3.  Jerusalem, the center for World War 3.

4.  Emergence of New World Messiah or Dictator or Antichrist.

5.  Emergence of two great prophets in Israel.

6.  Dollar Crash and World War 3 that will destroy USA and ROME,

     The Vatican City.